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We are a small, friendly running club based at Garforth Squash Club, just off Ninelands Lane, Garforth, Leeds. We run twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, meeting at 7.15pm in the squash centre lobby and running at 7.30pm. Most runs are around 5 to 7 miles, with some groups going out further.


The club organises the Leeds Country Way race each year and has it's own club social and handicap races too. We take part as a club in many organised events eg Peco, 10ks, half marathons and marathons.


See our 'Join us' page for more info, browse our site, our Facebook pages or email us for more information.

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Latest news

November 2014

Karen's run report 24th November

Hi Everyone,

Yet more parkrun tourism this week!
Chris Carrick               22:42
Neil Avery                   25:24
Paul Durkin                 26:50
Tony Miles                  28:41
Emma Richardson     29:36
Donna Harvey            29:57
Dorothy McDonald   31:35
Helen Powell              33:49
Marina Dobbs            34:25
Elizabeth Merriman  44:02
Simon Clothier      19:44
Liz Clothier             28:29
Claire Edson      25:26
Men's Captain Leigh Harvey made the trip down to where it all started, at Bushy Park in London, with a few of the gang from Temple Newsam parkrun, with a time of 19:28 -hope you enjoyed the trip, Leigh!
This month's award goes to Chris Carrick, for a fantastic run at the recent Guy Fawkes 10, and for making great improvements since joining the club - very well done Chris!
PECO CROSS COUNTRY - 30th November   
The first race of the season is at Pendas Fields/ Barnbow, hosted by St. Theresa's Athletic Club, with help from ourselves,  and they really need people to help in a variety of roles, so please get in touch with the committee if you can help out!
Please note that due to the larger numbers this year, there will be a staggered start - the Ladies race will start at 10:50am, and the Mens race at 11:00.
You will need to have your race number before you register - all numbers are currently pinned on the bottom of the club noticeboard, and if you haven't been able to pick yours up, I will take all the numbers for handing out on the day. We have had a massive response in people requesting numbers, so shall look forward to seeing lots of you on the day, & will be there to cheer you all on!
Full details are on the PECO website at http://www.pecoxc.co.uk/
Hot on the heels of that one is the second PECO race on Sunday 14th December,  which is now confirmed as being at Nostell Priory.
PARKRUN TAKEOVER - 20th December at Temple Newsam
We will be taking over Temple Newsam Parkrun again on 21st December, with unsuprisingly, the theme of Christmas for fancy dress! Men's captain Leigh Harvey will be Run Director for the day, so please let Leigh know which volunteer role you would like to take on. Plus, as ever, we need volunteers to do baking!!
We will also be getting involved with the Junior Parkrun on Sunday 21st December - more details to follow in future weeks..... 
JOLLY HOLLY JOG - Sunday 28th December **Club Championship Race**
Hosted by Ripon Runners, this will be the 27th Jolly Holly Jog, and is  a one-lap, scenic, multi-terrain undulating course of approximately 10k that is run mainly on footpaths through the magnificent Studley Royal deer park. Further details are on their website at http://www.riponrunners.org.uk/jolly-holly-jog-10k
and entries can be made online at  www.runbritain.com/races or by downloading a form from their site.
Tuesday 23rd December - Christmas themed pub round around Garforth taking in the Christmas lights. Returning to The Podger afterwards.
Monday 19th January -  Club AGM - location & details to follow.
Happy running & have a good week!

Karen's run report 17th November

Hi Everyone,
Some more parkrun tourism this week, plus a great turnout & great times at Leeds Abbey Dash. Well done to all!
Chris Carrick               25:03
Neil Avery                   25:32           
Paul Durkin                 27:02
Sue Holmes                28:11
Linda Durkin               30:25
Marina Dobbs            31:56
Dorothy McDonald   32:28      
Leigh Harvey      19:48
Donna Harvey    26:29
Simon Clothier   19:04  **PB!
LEEDS ABBEY DASH  Sunday 16th November
We had a another great turnout for this popular race,(a full house for the Durkin family!)  and fantastic times too - congratulations to everyone who ran.  I think I have now picked everyone up from the results - my apologies if I've missed anyone off - please let me know if I have, and I will post your time! The same goes for PBs - if your time was a PB please let me know!
Chris Bartle                      38:00 **PB
Leigh Harvey                    41:31
Neil Haggas                      41:54
Chris Carrick                     41:54
Joanna Mortimer             44:24 **PB
Paul Durkin                       50:05
Liam Durkin                       53:00
Linda Durkin                      53:36
Kate Penrose                     55:16
Liz Clothier                         55:47
Helen Lilywhite                 56:03
Zoe Smith                           57:15
Emma Richardson             57:42
Sue Lakin                             57:40
James Copley                     57:44
Marina Dobbs                    1:01:18
Stevie Roberts                    1:03:21
Judy Lankester                   1:04:34
Becky Durkin                      1:09:20
Kate Dilworth                     1:12:04
Donna Harvey                    1:17:03

Karen's run report 10th November

Hi Everyone,
A little quieter after the excitement of last weeks' Guy Fawkes 10, but a good week for parkruns & a bit of parkrun tourism. Well done to Liz, Paul, Kelly, Sue, Michelle & Joyce for their parkrun PBs, and well done to Sandra on her first parkrun!
Simon Clothier        21:42
Chris Carrick            21:46
Neil Avery                25:13
Liz Clothier               27:43 **New PB**
Emma Richardson   28:46
Donna Harvey          32:16
Paula Allaway           32:42
Helen Powell            34:15
Marina Dobbs          34:16
Paul Durkin           24:11 **New PB**
Wendy Chapman        25:22
Linda Durkin                 26:00
Val Pell                          26:23
Kate Penrose                26:35
Kelly Palmer                 26:49  **New PB**
Sue Holmes                  27:14  **New PB**
Ann Martin                   28:38
Samira Lambert           29:21
Michelle Duff               32:01 **NewPB**
Joyce Robinson            32:28 **New PB**
Sandra Seed                 37:46 

Karen's run report 3rd November

Hi Everyone,
We have had a fantastic week this week, with Halloween fun, a big race turnout - more of that later - and plenty of parkrun tourism.

Fantastic running all round!
Wendy Chapman          27:45
Kate Penrose                 28:09
Andy Burns                    28:26
Donna Harvey               31:01
Leigh Harvey                 31:02
Melanie Black               32:42
Marina Dobbs               34:11
Judy Lankester              35:54
Dorothy McDonald      36:44
Emma Richardson         29:04
Gareth Avery           29:47
Neil Avery                 44:44
Paula Allaway           33:36
Paul Durkin           23:52
Linda Durkin         27:05
GUY FAWKES 10 MILE  Sunday 2nd November
We had a fantastic turnout of 30 runners for this popular club championship race - our biggest turnout for some time! The weather didn't disappoint, with a bright autumn day, and there were excellent times run by all, plus some age category placings:
Simon Clothier              1:09:14
Craig Worley                 1:11:52
Chris Carrick                  1:13:53
Ian Downham               1:14:29
Neil Haggas                   1:15:27
Martin Briggs                1:18:26
John Messenger           1:24:16
Wendy Chapman         1:29:10
Andy Burns                    1:30:35   3rd in M70
Val Pell                           1:30:46
Kate Penrose                1:31:23
Veronica King                1:31:51
Joanne Shaw                 1:34:09
Linda Durkin                  1:37:46
Claire Edson                   1:37:57
Kelly Palmer                   1:39:08
Helen Cowley                 1:41:09
Alison Hunter                 1:41:11
Les Kitching                    1:42:13
Carole Kitchen               1:42:20
Sue Lakin                        1:44:32
Jay Kitchen                     1:44:41
Lynne Tyson                   1:45:19
Samira Lambert             1:50:43
Judy Lankester               1:54:08
Melanie Black                1:54:09
Joyce Robinson              1:58:00  2nd in F70  
Moira Lenaghan             1:58:00  3rd in F70
Dorothy McDonald        2:00:23
Maria Elmieh                  2:04:56
HALLOWEEN PUB RUN - Thursday 30th  October 7pm

A fantastic evening was had by all, running to The Boat in Allerton Bywater, with some in full Halloween fancy dress. Winner of the best fancy dress was Linda Durkin. We also held the draw for the London Marathon places, so congratulations to Melanie Black & Martyn Hewitt whose names were drawn out of the hat for the club places.


Last month's winner was Joanna Mortimer, for her fantastic running at Kirkstall 7 in September, her debut race! Well done Joanna.


October 2014

Karen's run report 27th October

Hi Everyone,

 A much quieter week after the excitement of last weekend -
Simon Clothier               19:41
Chris Bartle                     20:06
Chris Carrick                   22:06
Andrew Burns                26:36
Sue Lakin                         30:59
Emma Richardson          31:01
Judy Lankester               31:27
Leigh Harvey                  31:33
Donna Harvey                31:41
Marina Dobbs                32:43
This autumn half marathon is run by Worksop Harriers, the route starting in the town centre, & heading out through the National Trust’s Clumber Park before returning back into town. Chris Carrick tackled this one for his first half marathon. finishing in the excellent time of 1:37:40. Well done Chris!
Simon Clothier has recently set up a Kippax Harriers Group on Strava - I'll let him explain all about it in his own words-
So, I promised to write a piece about some of the features of Strava and the Kippax Harriers page.  For those unfamiliar with Strava, it's a program that allows you to record runs (or cycle rides) through the app on your smartphone or upload data from your Garmin.
You create a profile for yourself when you register and you can "follow" friends and club members to see their run stats, make comments of encouragement and give kudos.  By joining the Kippax Harriers club, you can see all registered club members' activities and statistics and compare their efforts with your own for example.
What I like about Strava and what other similar programs don't do or don't do so well is that there is a "community feel" integrated into the program.  I took the idea from Garforth Velo Club who practically run their club and activities through Strava and Facebook.  When you upload a run, your friends who are following you can comment on your performance and compare results if they were also running with you.  This is particularly useful since we don't all make club training nights so can find out how each other's training is going.
Much like Garmin connect, there are segments- which are stretches of a road/hill/trail, for example, "mad mile uphill" where athletes are ranked by their performance when they run through a segment during a training run or race.  If you are the fastest male or female, you get a course record.  Strava will also compare your efforts on segments so you can see improvements.
Now, if we have a look at last weeks leader-board, (http://www.strava.com/clubs/kippaxharriers) you will see that Chris Carrick put in the most miles, time running and height climbed.  If you look at individual member's results, specifically course records (CR) Joanna Mortimer impressively holds 4- in other words she is the fastest female to run those segments and that is not just restricted to within our club.
The best thing is to get registered and explore the program - it is free unless you want additional features and to get geeky with stats.  If you already sync with a Garmin device, there is an option to automatically sync with Strava when you download to Garmin connect making the process a doddle.  Alternatively, you can upload runs manually to Strava or if you only have a smartphone, via the app which you can download through Google Play or Apple store.  There are plenty of help topics and FAQs on the Strava website if you want to find out more or need help in getting set up and using it.  If anyone has any specific queries they can of course ask me, club members already using Strava or through the Facebook page.
Hopefully I have provided a brief overview of what Strava is and does and it would be great to see more members joining up.



This month's award goes to Chris Carrick, for a fantastic run at the recent Guy Fawkes 10, and for making great improvements since joining the club - very well done Chris!










See our social and race pages for more details

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Runner of the month

Each month the commitee select a runner who has done well in a recent event, improved or given an outstanding contribution to the club.

This month's award is shared between three Kippax ladies who stepped in at the last minute at Leeds Country Way to rustle up an amazing buffet when the food arrangements fell through, thus narrowly averting a major disaster! Huge thanks must go to Linda Durkin, Kate Corner & Judy Lankester for saving the day!




You'll find an active Kippax Harriers Facebook group. You can ask questions, get motivation by sharing the success of our members. see more photos and find out about social stuff too.


Check out the Facebook page for the Temple Newsam parkrun too. It's the nearest one to where we run and there are usually a few of us there running or volunteering.


Check us out on facebook


We also have a Kippax Harriers club on Strava http://www.strava.com/clubs/108498


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